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Symi is an island home to some very picturesque sights. You can fill your excursion with some of these suggestions.

  1. Symi Nautical Museum: The Nautical museum of Symi is located around 300 meters from the villa. It is home to different ship models , old diving regalia and uniforms , and the relation of Symi residents with the diving culture in general.
  2. Roukouniotis Monastery: Located on top of the island , you access this church either by scooter or car. It’s dated back to the 15th century , and it’s a worthwhile stint while exploring the island.
  3. The Venetian Castle overlooking Gialos bay on top of the main village area. The scenery on top is very unique, while being surrounded by the beautiful castle which has been there since the 14th century.
  4. Probably the most worthwhile excursion (recommended to rent a motorcycle for it!) would be to visit the Panormitis Monastery. It’s dated from around the 15th century and hosts 2 small museums. Panormitis is considered one of the most famous churches in Greece,and you can feel its presence as soon as you arrive at the monastery grounds. The church celebrates an eventful religious festival each year on the 8th of November, which is the nameday of the Great Archangel Michael.

Things to do throughout the day.

  1. Renting a motorcycle or a car is a very nice way to explore the island. You can drive around most of the parts of the island. It gives you access to beaches like Nimporio, Marathounta Bay, or Pedi Beach. You can also combine this island tour to visit Panormitis Monastery or the Venetian Castle which preferably need an vehicle to reach.
  2. After enjoying your cup of coffee on our balcony , you can select one of the many boat excursions that exist in the island. A plethora of taxi boats are travelling around the most famous beaches of the island. These include Agia Marina , Nanou beach , Pedi Beach , and probably the highlight of them all St. George. All of these beaches are seriously mesmerizing and you will immediately feel relaxed in the hot basking Symi sun and sea!
  3. Symi hosts many restaurants and cafeterias to spend your day either in the afternoon or in the evening. There is a selection between Greek Cuisine , contemporary and also Italian.Symi probably looks more beautiful in the night so plan your night-out accordingly!